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El 11 de agosto de 1986, el helicóptero militar G-LYNX marcó un récord de velocidad para helicópteros de un curso mayor a 15 y 25 km al alcanzar 400.87 km por hora (249,09 mph), piloteado por Trevor Egginton. El G-LYNX se encuentra en exhibición permanente en el Helicopter Museum, en Weston-super-Mare

In 1986, the former Westland company demonstrator Lynx, registered G-LYNX, was specially modified with Gem 60 engines and British Experimental Rotor Programme (BERP) blades. On 11 August 1986 the helicopter was piloted by Trevor Egginton when it set an absolute speed record for helicopters over a 15 and 25 km course by reaching 400.87 kilometres per hour (249.09 mph); an official record with the FAI it currently holds. G-LYNX is now on permanent display at The Helicopter Museum, Weston-super-Mare, UK.

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