Jeremy Cooper’s Collection of Artists’ Postcards

Of interest to students of art and deltiologists (collectors of postcards) alike, Jeremy Cooper’s extensively illustrated book provides the first critical study of the place of the humble postcard in the history of art. It spans more than a century, but has a particular focus on the contemporary artists who Cooper says have rediscovered, appropriated, redeployed or otherwise taken to the form, from Gilbert and George’s 1,000 or so “mail art” pieces and Adam Dant’s reworkings of Donald McGill’s saucy seaside postcards to David Shrigley’s more practical-minded 25 Postcards for Writing On.

Drawing Room Confessions

Drawing Room Confessions is a printed journal named after a parlour game played by Marcel Proust, the Surrealists and others. It is made of words and exchanges, with no images. Six different sections (The Egoist, The Blind Man, Two to Tango, Ekphrasis, Time Line and La Madeleine) comprise the Rules of the Game, which are the same in each issue. What changes are the players, or interviewers, who open each round of conversation with the featured artist and who come from a wide range of fields.